EMPLOYER: Dublin Institute of Technology
POSITION: Academic Director of the Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship

The target groups for IME include the following communities: Disabled, Ethnic, Gay, Over 50s, and Travellers. To achieve the ambition of ‘making a significant difference to Ireland’s economic and social fabric’, my role is to lead the following activities:

  • Delivering training programmes and workshops for target groups
  • Securing funding for relevant activities
  • Undertaking primary and secondary research relevant to the target groups
  • Devising suitable education and training materials
  • Developing case studies of all media types appropriate for the target groups
  • Presenting papers at conferences
  • Writing articles for academic journals and business publications
  • Presenting policy reports to engender social and economic change
  • Hosting seminars and conferences on related topics
  • Creating website materials for the target groups
  • Designing books and manuals appropriate for the target groups.


EMPLOYER: Dublin Institute of Technology
POSITION: Lecturer / Professor in Entrepreneurship

The opportunity to expand entrepreneurship teaching and develop my academic career has proved exciting, challenging and rewarding within DIT. My work comprises of:

  • Lecturing New Venture Creation, Enterprise Development, and Entrepreneurial Studies.
  • Undertaking research activities that challenges and expands current thinking on entrepreneurship related matters.
  • Disseminating research methodologies, analyses, and findings through conference papers, journal articles, and other relevant avenues.
  • Having responsibility for the introduction on to the college curriculum of Entrepreneurship as a subject over seven years ago. Since September 1995, there are five subjects of varying difficulty and focus provided by the Faculty.
  • Managing and evaluating these programs, and continually seeking to improve the provision of education in this area.
  • Supervising three final year dissertations and three final year projects per year.
  • Supervising students at PhD and Masters level.
  • Encouraging students to participate in Business Plan Competitions.


EMPLOYER: Dublin Institute of Technology
POSITION: Research Fellow

The position of Research Fellow is to act as a lead researcher and the key driver of a research area. My work is focused on the area of entrepreneurship and my goals are to:

  1. Build an entrepreneurship research community in accordance with the faculty research strategy.
  2. Conduct and publish high-quality research.
  3. Generate substantial amounts of research funding.
  4. Foster industry relationships relevant to the research activities.
  5. Develop appropriate training programmes for a variety of stakeholders
  6. Contribute significantly to the professional community.

SEPTEMBER 2000 – AUGUST 2001 (A)

EMPLOYER: Foundation for SME Development at the University of Durham
POSITION: Visiting Research Scholar

My work primarily encompassed research, writing, lecturing, and networking. This comprised of:

  • Research activity that challenged the current intellectualisation of particular issues and searched for new avenues in expanding the frontiers of entrepreneurship thinking.
  • Undertook a Research Audit for the organisation, and wrote a report from which the Research Strategy was developed.
  • Co-authored conference papers and articles based on the research activity.
  • Currently creating a new textbook that confronts conventional perceptions and presents entrepreneurship as behavioural, rather than as being primarily an act of venture creation.
  • Incorporated into the writings a wide variety of contextual and cultural backgrounds through case studies, demonstrating that entrepreneurial practice is more widely prevalent than generally acknowledged.
  • Lecturing activity that was primarily based around staff seminars that I provided on a range of topics, and guest lectures on the MA in Entrepreneurship program.
  • Networking which involved the generation and maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships with external organisations.

SEPTEMBER 2000 – AUGUST 2001 (B)

EMPLOYER: Small Business Service (Department of Trade and Industry)
POSITION: Senior Research Officer (Secondment)

My work with the SBS was centred about the Research and Evaluation Unit. My primary responsibility was to design and implement a Research Program for the organisation. This comprised of:

  • Designing and implementing a web based mediated portal to small business research intelligence.
  • Writing a Research Strategy to structure the direction of the research activity.
  • Developing a schedule of research projects over an 18-month period.
  • Chairing the Research Forum (members include Professors David Storey, Sue Birley, Elizabeth Chell, Monder Ram, David Smallbone).
  • Developing a Register of Researchers.
  • Managing sponsored research projects.
  • Engendering a publishing culture within the organisation.
  • Developing the branding of the organisation.
  • Introducing a Doctoral Bursary and Seminar Series.

SEPTEMBER 1996 – JUNE 1997

EMPLOYER: Babson College, Wellesley, MA (U.S.A.)
POSITION: Visiting Research Scholar

As Visiting Research Scholar I contributed to the Babson College ethos of expanding the boundaries of research and knowledge on entrepreneurship issues. My work primarily comprised of: ·

  • Undertaking research activity centred on fast-growth firms and entrepreneurial teams.
  • Co-authoring conference articles with Professor Bill Bygrave. ·
  • Lecturing ‘New Venture Creation’ to MBA students. ·
  • Participating as a staff member in the development of the organisation. ·
  • Auditing the Doctoral Program at Harvard Business School. ·
  • Making a significant number of contacts within the American entrepreneurship academic field. ·
  • Developing a deeper understanding of the American education system.

OCTOBER 1988 – AUGUST 1991

EMPLOYER: London Borough of Redbridge, Ilford, Essex
POSITION: Principal Officer (Marketing and Development)

The Authority, in recognition of my contribution to the successful implementation of the 1988 changes, approached me with a view to researching and effecting a broad based strategy for the expansion and development of a high profile, client sensitive service to the community. My brief was to guide the section through this evolution while considering the impact of Community Charge Benefit, Compulsory Competitive Tendering, and other legislative changes.


EMPLOYER: London Borough of Redbridge, Ilford, Essex
POSITION: Senior Housing Benefits Officer (Policy and Planning)

Due to the Social Security Act 1986, dramatic changes in Housing Benefits were due to occur from 1st April 1988. My responsibilities included planning the section’s development, introducing a new computerised system (as substitute for the manual system), and deciding on numerous policy issues. The planning needed to meet the needs of a sudden massive increase in recipients of Housing Benefit, and training of staff to be claimant orientated. It required interpreting primary legislation, liaising with other departments and agencies, and leading various project groups.

MAY 1985 – MARCH 1986

EMPLOYER: Marketing International, Cork.
POSITION: Director

I was instrumental in establishing this market research / consultancy agency. My work encompassed assessing client briefs, preparing proposals, undertaking market research and analysis, and presenting final reports. I undertook many of the day-to-day tasks of running a small business, including the design of promotional material.

SEPTEMBER 1984 – MAY 1985

EMPLOYER: F.H. Thompson & Son Ltd., Cork.
POSITION: Marketing Executive

This company was a large bakery and confectionery concern. My assignments included developing a range of Long-Life cakes and later researching the market for frozen pastry. This work gave me invaluable experience into consumer research and the problems facing an FMCG company.