An Appreciative Email From A Student

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My name is Aleksandra. I was a participant of your course “New Venture Creation” which was in Turku School of Economics last year.

I want to say you great thank you, because your course helped me to believe in myself and change my life. Before this course I was really afraid of trying something new, I was afraid of using my abilities.

When I came back home I continued to study at the university and started to take part at the programme of additional education. I started to go to different business meetings and conferences where I met interesting people who started to offer me good jobs.

I found the opportunity to go to my dream-country for one month for studying. I’ve got the job of my dream in my dream-company, and now I working there, study for Masters degree at the university. My company pays for my studying for ACCA-certificate.

After your course during one year in summer I spent half of the year abroad, and I’ve visited 6 new countries (include my dream-country). I’ve got a Bachelors degree and three certificates of additional education, I’ve started to study German language. I’ve got a driving license, I’ve got personal scholarship, I’ve got the job of my dream. I jumped alone with parachute.

I’m trying what I have never tried before, I enjoy each moment of my life. I know what I want and how to achieve it, and everything what I got I got after your course!

Thank you so much for your work, for everything what are you doing! I wish you all the best!


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Professor Thomas M. Cooney (B.Comm, MBA, PhD, MMII, MCIM, FIMCA)

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